First-In-The-World 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains

A first-in-the-world and novel 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains designed exclusively for yogis, yoginis and premium gift collectors.

Each of the four keychains feature an impressive asana or yoga pose, bordered by a distinct shape. They are the Pigeon Pose (half-oval), Dancer’s Pose (rectangle), Scorpion Pose (oval) and Wheel Pose (triangle).

All the keychains are perfectly sculptured and meticulously hand-polished, resulting in the finest, timeless and most durable pewter yoga collection.

Every yoga keychain comes in its own gift box, making it easy for you to present them to your family members, friends and colleagues as gifts.

The pictures [of the 3D yoga keyrings] are beautiful. But the actual products were spectacular. Love it!! ~ Mei

Guess what? I bought four different designs and gave one to Mattie, my Labrador, as a dog tag :p ~ Pattie

I just love the keychains I received. They are precisely as shown on the website. I plan to keep two (triangle and half-oval) and give the other two to my mum and sister. ~ Jennie

Wonderful customer service. They answered my questions and concerns honestly and quickly. ~ J. Garcia

Very, very nice! I love my pigeon pose keychain! ~ Yuri S.

Received my 4 yoga keychains today. They look pretty. I will remove the rings from 2 of them and stick them on my fridge. Will use the other 2 for my car key and keys to the apt. ~ Tara Lee

The gift box that comes with every keyring makes the keyring an instant and memorable gift to all my yoga buddies. Thanks! ~ Jennifer P.

Freaking nice! Really perfectly sculpted as claimed on website. ~ Yogi Lance


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What pewter quality should I expect from purchasing the 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains?
A: You can expect all our pewter pieces to be made up of 92% tin. The rest are antimony and copper which are used to make the pewter hard.

Q: Are there any health concerns associated with your pewter keychains?
A: There is absolutely no health risk associated with our pewter keychains. Our keychains do not contain any poisonous metals such as lead.

Q: What is pewter and what is its worth?
A: Pewter is a metal alloy made up of tin and other metals. Our pewter yoga keychains have 92% tin. Tin is the fourth most expensive metal behind platinum, gold and silver.

Q: How 3D is your 3D pewter yoga keychains?
A: The pictures below show a diagonal view of our pewter keychains. As you can observe, each keychain comprises multiple layers that give the entire keychain a 3D effect, thus bringing the yoga pose to life!

Q: What are the dimensions of your keychains?
A: Each keychain has the following dimensions: 45mm (height) x 34mm (width) x 3mm (thickness).

Q: How much are your keychains and how do I purchase them?
US$10 per keychain, or US$40 per set of 4 different poses. Shipping charges are not included. To order, please contact me at petekua@gmail.com with the keychains and quantity you want, plus your address. I will then advise you on the payment and shipping within a couple of hours.

Bulk order of 50 keychains or more? Business opportunities? Questions? Feedback? Email me at petekua@gmail.com.