Be a Dream Seeker

Be a Dream Seeker

Posted by Heather Brown- Owner of Sunny Om on Sep 14th 2017

I'm enamored of dreams. I really am! Ever since I started following mine, I've never felt more alive. Now, I'm not talking about the vivid illusions while sleeping. I'm talking about those kick-ass ideas that we all have about something so amazing that you feel like you’d be on fire if you were doing them! Just wow! Wouldn't it be amazing to feel so free when you actually took the chance and went for it?

I wasn't always like this. I was the type of person who thought that some dreams were attainable while others were, well, just plain stupid. You know what I mean? I could never have thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Back then, I imagined myself existing in an imaginary box. It was a comfy box because I built it. The walls were see-through so I could watch everything around me. There was a sense of security but, the kicker was....I felt like I was living a life of mediocrity. I watched people live out their dreams while I told myself, "I can't do that. I'm just going to have to be happy with what I have. After all, I'm the one who constructed this reality."

Are you comfy in your box? Or are you a dream seeker?

Hmm... I know, they’re good questions :) It took me a long time to decide to step out of the box. It was frightening at first, saying and doing things that I always dreamt of doing, which was refreshing, but at the same time, kind of freaky. Like, is this me? Who am I? I didn't know I had this awesome ability to believe in myself! To live life the way I chose. I always wanted to travel to other countries, enlarge my spiritual life, laugh out loud, lose weight, get that job I always wanted, etc. But, the imaginary box was always there. day, I stepped out of it.

And here I am....ME. I refuse to restrict my life based on fear. Fear of what life is like outside of the restraints I put on myself. What does this have to do with Sunny Om? Everything! :) I was inspired to start my own business, to take a trip to India and doing bunch of other awesome things. In fact, my dreams are now a reality. I'm so in love with my life right now...I laugh out loud all the time every time I think of how I thought of my dreams as stupid.

So, get out there! Stop playing small my friends.....

My new mottos...stop living a life of mediocrity...keeps the trolls away from your goals :)